Project: North Liberty, IA

From the Press Citizen:
North Liberty residents won't have to drive as far for a morning McGriddle and McCafe starting today with the opening of the area's newest McDonald's restaurant.

The fast food restaurant, the first McDonald's in North Liberty, was set to open at 675 Pacha Parkway near Highway 965 as early as 5 a.m.

Owner and operator Kevin O'Brien said the restaurant's contemporary design is similar to styles seen in urban areas such as Chicago or New York and makes it unique among any other restaurant he operates.

"We wanted something that they wouldn't see anywhere else," O'Brien said, noting that the project involved designers from as far away as California. "This is it. This is the only one."

The restaurant is the ninth McDonald's to be owned by O'Brien -- he also owns and operates McDonald's restaurants in Coralville, Iowa City, Washington, West Branch and Williamsburg. He opened his first restaurant in Williamsburg in 1986.

Store manager Latoshia Good said officials are hiring a 60-person staff and have received a great response from the community.

Several local officials and dignitaries, along with Ronald McDonald, will be present at the restaurant's grand opening at 8:30 a.m. today. Donations of $2,000 to the North Liberty Public Library and $500 to the North Liberty Fire Department will be presented during the event.

Dee Crowner, North Liberty Community Library director, said the donation will go toward the library's expansion. "We're really thrilled because we can use all the money we can get for the expansion," Crowner said.

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"We wanted something that they wouldn't see anywhere else. This is it. This is the only one." - Kevin O'Brien, McDonald's Franchisee

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