Sonoma Series

One-Piece Fiberglass Booth

The Sonoma, with one-piece easy-to-clean fiberglass construction, is a great choice for any high volume dining room. This booth offers a textured surface on "wear areas" which resists visible scratches. Available only in fiberglass, this booth boasts ultimate quality with a full hardwood core, ensuring ease and adaptability to any floor plan.

Though not required, it is easy to upgrade the Sonoma appearance by adding back pads, available in either an upholstered or "Durafab" finish.


  • Singles offered in two options: with integral
  • Doubles offered only in one-piece integral construction requiring no laminated panel.

Installation Options:

  • Atrium steel support structure.
  • Clipped-down legs.
  • Freestanding with glides.
  • Core-drilled steel support.
  • Laminated plinth base support.

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